CSO Trombones — the 1967 section

Chicago Symphony Trombones features the members of the 1967 trombone section: Jay Friedman, Glenn Dodson, Frank Crisafulli and Edward Kleinhammer. This album showcases trombone quartets performed by four trombone legends at the height of their distinguished careers. Jay writes:

“The first thing I remember about this recording project was Jean Martinon, CSO Music Director, learning we had a trio made up of myself, Glenn and Ed. He wanted to hear us play, so we did so after a rehearsal one day. That turned into a chamber music concert where all four trombones played the Schutz motets and the Speer Sonatas, as well as the Stavinsky Octet. In those days, the radio station WFMT liked to record recitals that were happening for the station, especially by CSO members. The recordings were largely done by Norman Pellegrini. I called Norm and asked if would like to record a full recital for the radio station and he agreed. We had two or three sessions in the Bond Chapel on the University of Chicago campus. It was a small chapel and we were seperated by about 20 feet for good stereo seperation – Jay and Glenn on one side, and Chris and Ed on the other. I think the sound of this recording is superior to the sound quality on the 1971 CSO Low Brass Excerpt recording. We never played together as a quartet prior to that or since.”

The recital is available on two CDs: volume 1 and volume 2.